Press any button below the Welcome screen to get started:

The next screen will display the pricing information. To pay with your credit card insert your card into the built in card reader below: 

After successfully swiping your credit card you will have 2 minutes to plug in your car and initiate your charging session. 

                *If you need more time this screen will be displayed:

Next, plug your vehicle into the appropriate plug type:

- The CCS plug will detect your car has been plugged in and will start charging automatically. 

- For CHAdeMO: Come back to the station after plugging in your vehicle and press the button below the green text "Start CHAdeMO" to activate the charger:


You will know your car is successfully charging once you see this screen: 

Press the button below "VIEW DETAILS" for additional session stats:

When your charging session is finished you will see this screen: