To view the map legend click on the menu symbol to the left of the search bar: 

Then, click on the 'Legend' tab at the top of the drop down menu options: 


Green station icons: Publicly accessible Level 2 or Level 1 stations/outlets

Orange station icons: Publicly accessible high power fast charging locations- CHAdeMO, CCS/SAE Combo or Tesla Superchargers

Brown station icons: Restricted access locations with no public charging available. These locations are usually workplace employee only charging, car dealerships that only allow customers or hotels that only allow guests to charge.

Grey station icons: Locations where the all or most of the available stations are currently in use.

Wrench symbol: Station icons with a wrench symbol are either coming soon or under repair and aren't available for use at this time.

Blue house station icons: Residential charging stations shared by PlugShare users

Purple map icons: A specific place on the map.

If you come across a station listing that is no longer 'Under Repair' or 'Coming Soon' and needs to be updated please flag the location or let our team know by sending an email to with the location name or address.